Meet Laura Blowey, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Laura is the Chief Financial Officer for ZeusLending and has been in accounting for 35 years, 25 years as a CPA. In 2018, Laura was recognized as a CFO of the Year finalist by Houston Business Journal for her impact and many accomplishments with ZeusLending.

From the first time she stepped into an accounting class in high school, she knew that this was the profession for her. She thrives on applying the order and the non-ambiguity required by the field. Laura has dedicated her life’s work to the idea that “Every penny has it’s place…you can find it.” Laura’s passion led her to serve as the treasurer of every club, group, or organization along the way as her son grew up, as well as serving for 20 years on the board of her home owner’s association.

After living in eight states and two countries as an army brat, Laura finally put down roots in Houston in 1984 getting her accounting degree from Sam Houston State University. Her biggest takeaway from her early life was that it’s important to stay open to change. Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you approach it in a positive way.
When not working, running is Laura’s therapy and travel is her hobby.