The Zeus Process

Zeus Equity Group and its associated companies have provided nearly $4 billion in real estate debt and equity over two economic cycles.

For two decades, Zeus Equity Group has combined the progressiveness of modern real estate restructuring with the stability of extensive experience in marketing and managing commercial properties.

  • Principal Dr. Steven Kaufman is an acknowledged leader in the real estate industry.
  • Our associates have backgrounds in banking, investments, accounting, development, investor relations, and other fields that influence real estate transactions.
  • Our commitment to building better communities extends beyond professional relationships. Many of our associates volunteer their time to serve on boards and support programs of voluntary community and civic organizations.

Experience and Execution

Proper planning is critical to successful execution. With decades of combined multifamily and commercial real estate experience and nearly $4 billion in real estate debt/equity transactions, Zeus Equity Group has expertise and personnel well-suited for all phases. We approach each opportunity with a strategic process designed to maximize the value of a given property. The process starts before we even set eyes on an acquisition and continues throughout our long-term investment in the asset. Most importantly, every step along the way is overseen and evaluated by a diverse leadership team. This assures every aspect of the business has an equal voice throughout our ownership of the investment.

Our goal is always to maximize cash flow to investors while balancing the needs of each property for the long term. While IRR/ROI is critical to every opportunity, we also undertake only projects that will add value to our community rather than diminish it. For more information on Zeus Equity Group’s standards and process, contact us today.