Invest With Us

Zeus Equity Group and its associated companies have provided over $4 billion in real estate debt and equity over two economic cycles. Zeus Equity Group is a diversified real estate development and investment firm in Houston, Texas. Led by real estate professionals with decades of combined experience, we invest in real estate and development projects that are smart financial assets and productive contributions to our community.

Zeus Equity Group investments include new projects, revitalized properties, and underdeveloped areas we can transform into places where people want to be. We are not real-estate flippers. Instead, we focus on creating safe, attractive environments, building long-term relationships, and improving the lives of our fellow Houstonians.

Step 1

Asset Identification

Step 2

Investor Due Diligence

Step 3

Offering Memorandum & Onboarding

Step 4

Execute Company Documents

Step 5

Funding & Closing

Step 6

Quarterly Updates & Distributions

Decision Making Criteria:

  • Priced below replacement cost
  • Recession­–resistant location
  • Value-add opportunity
  • Target net IRR in the mid to high teens
  • Three to seven–year holding period, depending on project
  • Quarterly reporting and distributions from available cash flow 

Investment Considerations:

  • Does the asset add to our ability to be intelligently diversified?
  • Does our team have existing expertise in this asset class?
  • Is timing on the market critical to this investment’s success?
  • Are we using mild-to-moderate leverage?
  • Have we raised enough capital to limit future capital calls?
  • Is anything in the local/national media artificially increasing or decreasing this asset’s value?
  • Do we fully understand all of the costs associated with this investment?
  • Have we identified any possible conflicts of interest related to this investment?
  • Does our investment analysis fully incorporate all potential costs and fees with this asset?

Investment Overview:

  • Location: 75-mile radius from central Houston, Texas
  • Purpose: Value-Add & Repositioning Opportunities
  • Property Types: Land, Multi-Family, Office, and Retail
  • Projects Costs: $2.5M – $25M